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After one 60 minute consulting session with Lisa, I took an idea & a prototype and turned it into 5 more models and possibly 3 more patents. Lisa Lloyd has a vast amount of knowledge and compassion for the Inventor's World.  Also, We did a deal with a hand shake and a check. No Contract! This was a growing experience for me in so many different ways. I appreciate this very much. It also allowed me to trust and take a leap of faith. I want to be a success story for many especially for you. I will always desire to inspire!

Bentley Louviere - AbRac

Consulting Services:

Patent & Market Research - It is in our company and client's best interest to start with basic patent and market research to validate the opportunity and equip us to better coach you on your path to success.

Million Dollar Rolodex Access - With 20+ years experience in licensing, we have hundreds of decision makers in our database and it's growing every day! We will make introductions to companies we have relationships with so that you have the "IN" to make your pitch!

Licensing Negotiation - Using the proven success methods of negotiating licensing agreements, LMG will help you to negotiate a Win/Win agreement.

Sample Forms - Save thousands with our templates and sample forms including Sell Sheets, Licensing Agreements, Non-Disclosure forms and more!

Consulting - Just have a quick question? What's it worth to have a PRO on deck for those answers? These meetings are energized with chemistry for success! Along with mentoring and accountability, you will find that Lisa is an encouraging and motivating person on these calls. You may call anytime during business hours to get quick answers or schedule a call for deeper discussions to drill down your next steps.

Our Guarantee:

While we cannot guarantee that your product/business will successfully make more then you spend on it, we CAN guarantee that you will receive highly professional, qualified services that will SAVE you thousands of dollars associated with typical mistakes made by new inventors & entreprenuers, all provided by a proven successful inventor who has demonstrated her ability to get things done with integrity!

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Currently Office Hours are only available on Mondays and Fridays. Simply select in an in person appointment or phone consultation and the date you would like to get your questions answered. we look forward to serving you!

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