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Have you got a great idea but don't know what to do with it?

Have you ever had an idea and saw it in stores a short time later only to kick yourself for not having done something with it yourself?

ANYONE CAN INVENT, but only a small percentage of products are ever successfully commercialized due to a lack of knowledge and resources. Lisa Lloyd started inventing, patenting, making/selling and licensing products nearly 25 years ago and it has earned her millions of dollars in royalties. Over the years she has developed a simple Go/No Go process that can be applied to EVERY idea mitigating her risk and improving her overall success!

Now you can learn this easy to understand process that can be applied to ANY basic invention!

Lisa's teaching is a practical straight-forward guide for getting your business started. There is nothing as valuable as advice and insight from someone who has actually been there and done that.

Julie Dodd -

That's right, you can learn the exact steps Lisa takes to invent, research, patent, test and license the inventions that made her millions!

I read your book on the plane ride home and being in this business I can say your book is a great baseline for inventors! I even picked up a few good tips!

Jim DeBetta -

Her simple to understand language and practical advice and straight forward approach is relatable and easy to learn from. When you take this course you will learn an outline that lays out the steps for making your ideas a reality and saves you literally THOUSANDS of $$$ along the way!

In the GO/No Go Process you will learn:

1. How to define the Invention -
Problem: Most 1st time inventors see a problem but unfortunately don't understand the overall process well enough to solve it efficiently and effectually for manufacturing processes and retail stores.
Solution: Understand the WHOLE process first, then you will invent more successfully commercialized products!

If you feel it is a Go...

2. How to research the opportunity -
Problem: Most 1st time inventors do very little research before spending thousands of dollars on a patent that may not even be commercially viable!
Solution: BEFORE you spend a DIME on your idea you can easily do research in stores and online to qualify the idea as worth moving forward.

If you feel it is a Go...

3. Business Strategies for Patents - Protect
Problem: Most 1st time inventors think this is strictly a legal decision and then can't license what they patent.
Solution: There is a VERY IMPORTANT business strategy for which type of patent to apply for and why!

If you feel it is a Go...

4. How to test - Test
Problem: Most 1st time inventors make the mistake of assuming that everyone will want it.
Solution: Don't just take your mother, friends and neighbors positive feedback as validation. Test your product on a small scale for VERY little or NO MONEY!

If you feel it is a Go...

5 How to license patents -
Problem: Most 1st time inventors make the mistake of thinking that a single product can become a big business.
Solution: Licensing is a lot like adopting your baby to good parents! Let a KNOWN BRAND NAME make, sell and bare the burdon of financial risk while you sit back and collect royalties on all their hard work! Passive income ROCKS!

If you feel it is a Go...

Then CLICK BELOW NOW to order this video right now to learn how to invent and license your great idea and also receive the following BONUS:

Resources: Includes but is not limited to contact introductions, contract templates, marketing collateral samples, etc.

30 Minute Strategy Session: this is to set up the framework for an action plan to market your product.


Duration: 1 month
Price: $29.00
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