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After one 60 minute consulting session with Lisa, I took an idea & a prototype and turned it into 5 more models and possibly 3 more patents. Lisa Lloyd has a vast amount of knowledge and compassion for the Inventor's World.  Also, We did a deal with a hand shake and a check. No Contract! This was a growing experience for me in so many different ways. I appreciate this very much. It also allowed me to trust and take a leap of faith. I want to be a success story for many especially for you. I will always desire to inspire!

Bentley Louviere - AbRac

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Treasure Chest Pets Story

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This is a continuation of my story.  If you have not watched Part 1 first, I recommend you do that now for this to all make sense.

TC Pets was my greatest success at failing.  I had investors and put all of my own money in to it working for free for almost 3 years until I was forced to call it quits.  I learned more from my failure then any success I ever had and hope that what I share here helpse you also.  

It's hard to share all the details in a short amount of time, so feel free to write me and ask if you have any questions on our Q & A page.

Whishing you much success on your journey!


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